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Star Wars kick-started Joel Edgerton's big-screen career

JOEL Edgerton "wasn't pretty enough" for to be a soap star.

Unlike many of his peers, the Australian actor didn't start his career on a soap and he jokes it is because he didn't have the right look.

He told the Sunday Telegraph: "I just wasn't that pretty, to be honest! They didn't want me on a surfboard. And back then I was a little bit judgemental about the soapy stuff. I was working happily in the theatre, but I was losing the occasional really cool job to actors who'd been in those shows, because they sold tickets and I didn't. I remember thinking, 'I've got to go out and get myself a profile.' So I cut that lifeline off."

However, Joel's big break finally came along when he was cast in a small role in 'Star Wars' as Luke Skywalker's future uncle, Owen Lars, in Episodes II and III.

He said:"'Star Wars' was the canoe that took me across the river, really. There was this 18-month period after I shot it, when no one knew that I was only in the movie for five minutes. I wasn't being deceptive, but it meant that people were interested enough to go, oh, you're in Star Wars, show us your wares."