The Reluctant Dragon full rehearsals start this weekend.
The Reluctant Dragon full rehearsals start this weekend. CONTRIBUTED

Sporting more than passing interest in fanatical pursuits

IT'S not drawing too long a bow to say that a great many theatre folk take more than a passing interest in sport, but by comparison, way fewer sporting types take an interest in theatre.

In The Indee's circle, we have people such as Ruth Montgomery - a resolute UK soccer tragic, whose appearances at rehearsals can save you the bother of tuning in for the previous night's results.

A huge smile and a little dark of eye tells you that Arsenal won ... that and the Arsenal beanie and windcheater being worn on a 29-degree day.

By contrast, an utterly torn expression and a muttered: "They were lucky to score nil”, says the obvious.

For years, one Indee stalwart - a fanatical follower of cycling - would fill every tea break with a detailed report on the previous day's section of the Tour de France.

It took the drug scandal to finally put a gap in the conversation long enough to be able to ask if he'd like a bikkie with his cuppa.

On a far less-fanatical scale, when the cast turns up to rehearsals in whimsies and jeans, it's easy to deduce that the once-a-year focus on Victorian horse racing is nigh. Either that or there's a sudden interest in bee-keeping.

The sport-theatre cogitation came about last Sunday when The Indee hosted a little knees-up, under the title of "Hello Yandina”.

The assemblage had a decidedly theatre edge to it and a jolly time was had by all.

Nibbles, drinks, a bit of banter (with not a sporting type in sight) and a performance of the comedy The Herb Garden made up the program.

Rehearsals for the Reluctant Dragon, in train for some months, step up a gear this weekend with the full cast on stage.

Keith Souter, who played St George in a previous production, has switched to the role of the Reverend Klinger.