John Gass

5 sports that should be included at the Olympics


SHOULD the Sunshine Coast Council et al ever be successful in securing the Olympics for this region, I have a few suggestions.

I would like to suggest including a few sports that matter instead of badminton, triple jump and Greco-Roman wrestling.

The time has come for Olympic medals in Ultimate Frisbee. The International Olympic Committee has granted it official recognition as an Olympic sport but it did not make the cut for Rio. A member of the 1988 Queensland Ultimate Frisbee team is ready and waiting to commence training should the sport make its debut at the Olympics SEQ.

The lesser known sport of beer frisbee could also be included on the program.

For those unfamiliar with this one, participants sit on camping chairs in a circle and attempt to throw a frisbee to each other with a drink in hand at all times. A miss, bad throw or dropped drink is "penalised" with another drink.

Beach cricket, I submit, is also ready for inclusion as an Olympic sport. It must be played with a tennis ball, using an esky for stumps, and with the one "one hand, one bounce" dismissal rule but the IOC might have to make a ruling on LBWs.

Arm wrestling should also be on the agenda. Imagine them fighting it out for Olympic gold at the Currimundi Hotel.

My Olympics would also include not just tests of strength but also skill. Playstation could be on the list if Blacks Ops III and Black Ops II fans could sort out which one is best. Perhaps a Greco-Roman match to sort it out?