Sunshine Coast Daily's Shirley Sinclair.
Sunshine Coast Daily's Shirley Sinclair. Lisa Williams

SOAPBOX: Playing the Nicklin Way 'game' is frustrating

FOR several months, I have been playing a game as I ply the bitumen of the Nicklin Way at Kawana.

Some days or nights, I'm taken out of the game very early.

Most times, I receive a flicker of hope that victory is within my grasp. But alas, I've never managed to conquer the game.

So here are the rules.

Between my home at Wurtulla and McKenzie Bridge, Minyama, are 11 sets of traffic lights heading north and the same number heading south on the return journey.

I try to travel the whole stretch while driving at the legal speed limit and obeying all road rules, without having to stop at any of the lights.

I reckon it's impossible and I'm yet to be proven wrong - no matter whether I get a fairly clear run at 5am or midnight, a steady run at 7.45am or 9pm, or anywhere in between.

Peak-hour doesn't even come close.

As Kawana is my community of interest, the Nicklin Way and I have become intimately acquainted friendly ver the past 30 years since my husband and I built our home.

Back then, the Nicklin Way was only two lanes and 100kmh. Yes, I said 100kmh.

I take all or part of that particular stretch of the major road virtually daily to go shopping, head to and from work, meet my girlfriends to go walking around Lake Kawana, go to healthcare professionals, socialise at friends' houses or meet up at various cafes, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

I know every bump, pothole, twist and turn like the back of my hand. I know exactly when to be in the left or right lanes to make the most of traffic flow and minimise driving time.

But no amount of trying gets me closer to my perfect run - traffic or no traffic. There will always be that one car coming out of a side street that stops me in my tracks (even though when I'm that car, trying to break on to Nicklin Way, I seem to wait and wait for the green light!).

If you decide to play along, let me know how you go.