SOAPBOX: Is your recycle bin overflowing?

MY RECYCLE bin has me a little concerned and confused.

Am I the only one on the Sunshine Coast who needs this bin emptied more regularly than the regular bin?

Okay, I've been on holidays for a week and there are more bottles under the yellow lid than there would ordinarily be.

What can I say, I'm a good Aussie chick who likes a beer with my friends and those bottles mount up when you have friends around. And then there are the cardboard beer cartons to be crushed and crammed in.

Now at this point the bins are already fairly full and we have not even started considering the rest of the household rubbish.

There are obviously always lots of newspapers at my place.

Then add magazines, office paper, cardboard, clean pizza boxes and junk mail.

Everything is packaged, so all containers with 1-6 on the bottom they all go in - milk, soft drink, detergent, ice cream, juice, yoghurt and takeaway containers.

Add more - there is steel and aluminium food and drink cans and aerosols, yep I checked, and then more glass any colour.

By this stage it's totally chock-o-block, full as a goog!

My worm farm works overtime on my patio.

They are fat, healthy buggers those lucky worms. They eat very well as I love my greens and fruit.

We also have a compost bin, so realistically not much goes in my weekly collection bins but my recycling is left overflowing.