SOAP BOX: It's an OP, not the rest of your life

UP to 10 Year 12 students a week are seeking help for anxiety or depression at an Adelaide-based child psychology practice, according to an ABC Radio report this week.

The little statistic was mentioned during a story about hundreds of students in South Australia and New South Wales seeking extra help in the way of rest breaks, extra time and the like to get through their Year 12 assessments.

Whether they are seeking help because of increased pressure, or just because they are more likely to ask for help these days, does not matter. What matters is these kids feel that way.

I am lucky - I have the kid least likely to stress about school. Academically, he could do better but as far as happiness goes, he's a good B-plus, if not an A.

If you are in Year 12 and feeling a bit stressed, take a lesson from a former stress monkey A student.

Your OP score is not as important as you think it is.

I could not even remember my TE score, as the pre-cursor to the OP was called, when I tried the other day and nobody apart from my family has ever looked at either my senior certificate or my degree.

Your OP score might get you into the university course of your dreams but if not, take a different course and transfer over, or find another way into the career you want.

Get a job and think about a bridging course later.

Or maybe you'll find the career you thought you wanted is not the one you want.

Maybe life has something important to show you outside of an institution.