Slippery intruders invade Sunshine Coast sheets

WE CHECK for monsters under our beds but is it time we checked for snakes under our pillows?

They might be the stuff of nightmares for many but two Sunshine Coast residents were unlucky enough to find snakes in their beds.

Sunshine Coast snake catcher Richie Gilbert said he was called out to two reports of snakes hiding between the sheets this week.

On Tuesday, a Tewantin couple got the fright of their lives when their nine-year-old daughter woke up, complaining she had been bitten by something. "Her parents checked her out and after looking at the small swollen area and tiny teeth marks, they thought it may have been a spider bite," Mr Gilbert said. "They decided to ice the area then they took the sheets off the bed, not seeing anything they left them in a pile on the floor."

He said the girl complained about the bite stinging but eventually went back off to sleep.

"The next morning her mother was in the bathroom and quickly jumped up on top of the toilet when she spotted a small snake coming out of the sheets," he said.

"It turned out to be this very cute little hatchling keelback, which is completely harmless."

A Caboolture family weren't so lucky when a venomous red-bellied black snake decided to make itself home in their master bedroom. "They closed the door and called me, I searched for ages but couldn't find it anywhere until I flipped the pillows," Mr Gilbert said.

Mr Gilbert found the snake before it made itself too comfortable. "Although a bite from a red belly would not kill you, a bite to the face would be totally messed up."

Last month, Landsborough man Josh McCullum was preparing for sleep when a spotted python emerged from the sheets and bit him on the hand.