Snake Catcher Stu with the humongous Carpet Python.
Snake Catcher Stu with the humongous Carpet Python.

Slippery housewarming surprise for Coast family

AN UNSUSPECTING family received a shocking housewarming gift, finding a colossal snake when they moved into their Coast home.

Snake catchers responded to a call-out to a home in Pelican Waters yesterday to remove the enormous snake.

The Snake Catcher 24/7 Sunshine Coast owner Stu McKenzie said the huge yet harmless carpet python was "probably a good eight or nine feet".

"I've seen them up to three metres, but it's still a decent sized animal."

The gentle giant was discovered lying under a surfboard at the back of the home.

"He was getting a bit of shade and protection from the sun," Mr McKenzie said.

"(Carpet pythons) aren't venomous, but they do have a mouthful of teeth and can give a hell of a bite, so I don't recommend picking them up."

The snake was likely to have climbed the fence from bushland behind the property.

Mr McKenzie said he expected the next few months to get busier, as the hot weather meant snakes would constantly be on the move.

"March and April will be busy; it seems like a hotter summer so snakes are going to be on the move day and night," Mr McKenzie said.

"So just keep an eye out and don't do anything silly around snakes.

"Give them the respect they deserve."

The python was released into nearby bushland, away from roads and homes.