Skydive adventure has more adrenalin than usual

TWO skydiving customers got more than they bargained for when they jumped from a plane at the weekend.

Having been taken to 10,000 feet as part of their tandem jumps with Coffs City Skydivers, the engine on the plane wasn't responding to the throttle, losing altitude and 29 year-old pilot Rav Sharma saw an engine failure quickly approaching.

The pilot ordered the skydivers to prepare to jump rather than land with him. By the time the altitude had reduced to 8,000 feet, the two tandem pairings jumped.

From that point it was left to the pilot to bring the plane in for an unpowered landing.

Having alerted the control tower at Coffs Harbour airport, Mr Sharma had a slight spanner thrown into the works as there was both a Qantaslink and Tiger Airways flight in the vicinity at the time.

Placed in a holding pattern to await the landing of the Tiger Airways flight, Mr Sharma was given clearance to land after issuing a mayday call to the tower.

The young pilot then performed a perfect unpowered landing back at the airport.

Meanwhile the pair of tandem skydivers landed safely at the Park Beach drop zone which Coffs City Skydivers so often uses.