SKYDIVERS have had some of the best views of the Inskip Point landslide site, the now famous "sinkhole."

Skydive Ramblers Rainbow Beach has been quick to see the positives in the underwater landslide event, which has attracted interest around the world.

"They did a couple of dives yesterday and got some photos," Coralie Ferreira of Skydive Ramblers Rainbow Beach said this morning.

And customers are loving it, although some have been wary.

"It's attracting a lot of interest," she said, "although some people are also scared.

"A couple of customers were worried it's going to suck up all of Rainbow Beach, but when they get up there and see it, they realize it's big, but not that big.

"If anything people are more interested than ever.

"It's an aerial tour with a difference.

"It's amazing from up there.

"You could still see the debris (including under water) "Everyone's fascinated by it.

"There's been a fair bit of response to it.

"And it's really beautiful up there - you can see how deep it is.

"You can see the darkness and the depth of the water right near the shore."