Cambridge St, where it intersects with Arundal St, where a man was shot in a home last night. Picture: Marcel Baum
Cambridge St, where it intersects with Arundal St, where a man was shot in a home last night. Picture: Marcel Baum

Shocked residents hear gunshots ring through suburb

"ON edge" residents near a house where a man was shot last night have described the moment they heard gunshots ring through their suburb.

Around 5pm yesterday a 24-year-old man was shot in the stomach at the Cambridge Drive home in Alexandra Hills.

This morning locals voiced concerns around an escalating problem in the area, saying police have been called to the address on numerous occasions.

One concerned local, who says she is too scared to go out in the suburb alone, described how she heard the gunshots.

"I just heard the gunshots, really," the resident said.

"There were about four or five, there were a few, there wasn't just one.

The resident described the areas as "on edge".

"Since I have moved here I don't go out at night by myself," the woman said.

"I feel like it is a bit on edge here so I always go out with someone to be safe.

"And then something like this goes down and you think to yourself, 'no I did the right thing' and it wasn't just in my mind."

The resident said the house on Cambridge Drive, which currently stands with sheets covering its windows, was known for receiving visitors."We've seen people go into that house a lot and they seem to be a pretty alright house but then this happens," the local said.

"It is crazy to think 'why would someone have done that?'"

Another local, who asked to remain anonymous said the whole ordeal was "scary".

"It is an ongoing occurrence from the house unfortunately," they said.

Shocked locals were particularly concerned that the shooting happened opposite a childcare centre, which was still open at the time of the shooting.

Young families dropping off their children were taken aback by last night's events, with one father saying he had caught it on the news.

South Brisbane detectives have charged one of two men who were questioned by police last night.

Locals were stunned as police descended on the area yesterday evening, with multiple police cars blocking off roads and helicopters circling above.

They were further shocked as a police search, including a dog squad, went underway after one man allegedly fled from an off-duty police officer at Wellington Point a short time after the incident.

The victim was taken to Princess Alexandra Hospital in a stable condition.

A 27-year-old Cornubia man has been charged with one count each of acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm, armed robbery, dangerous conduct with a weapon, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and two counts each of deprivation of liberty and trespass.

He is expected to front the Cleveland Magistrates Court today.

Investigations are continuing.


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