A convicted sex offender has had his travel plans quashed. Picture: Richard Jupe
A convicted sex offender has had his travel plans quashed. Picture: Richard Jupe

Sex offender’s holiday plans denied

A SEX predator who wanted to go on a 44-day "bucket list" world tour has had his travel plans quashed.

The fiend, who abused a school-aged girl multiple times, planned to visit four countries with his wife and enjoy a 10-day tour on a cruise ship.

But Victoria Police refused to let the registered sex offender leave the country amid fears he could prey on vulnerable children overseas.

The man, whose offending a psychologist branded as "predatory, opportunistic and impulsive" with "no regard or empathy to the victim", had asked a court for a judicial review.

But a judge dismissed his application, ruling there was an "appreciable risk" of the man offending against children on the trip.

The judge said registered sex offenders had a "high propensity" to reoffend in countries where they were not monitored.

"Sex offenders may pose a risk to vulnerable children if they travel outside Australia," the judge said.

"That risk may manifest to a higher degree in countries that do not have monitoring and reporting systems in place in relation to sex offenders that are as stringent as the systems in Australia."

The fiend, now aged in his 60s, underwent treatment for cancer and is now in remission.

He and his wife splashed at least $66,000 on what they labelled the "recuperation from cancer" trip and said they would not be able to get a refund if their application was dismissed.

The fiend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, argued six cycles of chemotherapy had resulted in a "reduction in libido" making him less of a risk to predatory behaviour.

He pleaded guilty in 2012 to three charges of unlawfully and indecently assaulting a young relative at the time.

The offending happened across two days in the 1970s when the man was aged in his early 20s.

The victim was aged eight or nine years at the time.

The man's psychologist had the opinion he had matured at a late age, was socially awkward and lacked emotional regulation skills.

He was convicted but escaped jail time and was placed upon a good behaviour bond.

The man will remain on the Sex Offenders Register until 2027 and faces five years' imprisonment if he leaves Australia.