SEGWAYS will soon begin zooming along Queensland footpaths after the state released new safety rules.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson  said Segway riders were to keep to bicycle paths and footpaths.

Those wanting to zip around on the motorised two-wheelers will not be allowed to go faster than 12kmh and their Segways must carry lights and reflectors.

"Like bicycles, they must have a bell or similar warning device in working order and use of mobile phones will also be banned while using a Segway," Mr Emerson said.

They will be allowed on the road only where there is "a normal crossing point".

Only those older than 12 can use the vehicles.

Mr Emerson said allowing Segways would create new options for guided tours for visitors.

Andrew McKenzie, of Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, told APN earliert this year that more thought needed to go into the decision.

"These segways will not be registered or insured and a lot of people who use footpaths are the disabled, children and the elderly," he said.

"That poses a big problem for the segway rider because if they hit or injure someone, and these things are quite heavy, the rider could be up for thousands in liability costs.

"If someone has an accident, the injured person will go after the rider personally to gain compensation."

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