Trevor James Stewart was sentenced to two years on probation.
Trevor James Stewart was sentenced to two years on probation.

‘See you in court dog’: Man lunges with knife over debt

A man who lunged at someone who owed him money with a knife and slashed car tyres says he values his freedom after witnessing “confronting” incidents in jail.

Trevor James Stewart, 20, decided to take action over an unpaid debt, lunging towards the man who owed him money while holding a large knife.

Crown prosecutor Alex Stark told the court Stewart and the victim, Blayze Noble, were known to each other as Stewart had dated his sister for two years.

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The court heard Stewart and Mr Noble passed each other in the street at Nambour on March 4.

After seeing Mr Noble, Stewart pulled a 30cm knife from the waist band of his shorts.

“The defendant lunged at Noble with the knife causing Noble to jump back to avoid being stabbed,” Mr Stark said.

“The defendant said ‘see you in court tomorrow, dog’.”

The court heard Stewart continued to wave the knife in front of Mr Noble in a slashing motion.

“He lunged towards him again with the knife, causing Noble to jump back and the knife knocked Noble’s mobile phone, wallet and cigarettes out of his hands,” Mr Stark said.

The mobile screen smashed.

Mr Stark told the court Mr Noble ran off with a female companion to Hotel Beach House and Stewart followed them.

“A few minutes, he (Noble) saw the defendant walk through the pub and yelled at him ‘have fun getting home’.”

When Mr Noble and his female companion returned to her car they found the two passenger tyres had been slashed.

They called police who arrested Stewart.

In an interview, Stewart told police he had thrown the knife off a bridge.

Stewart pleaded guilty in Maroochydore District Court on Thursday to going armed as to cause fear and wilful damage.

“The whole episode is quite bizarre,” Judge Richard Jones said.

Defence barrister Mark Dixon told the court Stewart and Mr Noble hadn’t been on good terms, as Mr Noble hadn’t repaid a loan he owed him.

“He recognises not only that it is bizarre but how completely out of character and unacceptably he acted on that particular day,” he said.

“Things had been escalating for some time.

“Rather than take the sensible approach and go to the authorities or go to the small claims court, my client got increasingly frustrated with the complainant.

“He then is unfortunate enough to see him on the street and this interaction takes place.”

The court heard Stewart had spent 49 days in custody.

He had no criminal history.

Mr Dixon said the time spent in custody had been traumatic for Stewart.

“He beared witness to people having their heads stomped and was actually in a cell block that had a riot,” he said.

“For a 20-year-old man with no history, these were very, very confronting things that happened to him.

“He values his freedom, his liberty and intends to be rehabilitated as a result of this.”

The court heard Stewart deeply regretted his actions.

Mr Jones said the offending appeared to be out of character for Stewart.

“You now realise just how hard it is to serve actual periods of custody,” he said.

Mr Jones said the offending was serious but he took into account Stewart’s young age and lack of criminal history.

Stewart was sentenced to two years on probation.

No conviction was recorded.