Police confirmed two men have since been taken into custody.
Police confirmed two men have since been taken into custody. Matty Paul (Facebook)

UPDATE: Woman hurt in collision with allegedly stolen car

UPDATE: Police have arrested two men who allegedly drove a stolen car through the streets of Ipswich before crashing into a pole this morning. 

A 22-year-old man will face court on eight separate charges.

The other man, a 24-year-old Blackstone man, was taken to Ipswich Hospital. QPS said he was assisting them with inquiries. 

" At around 11.15am police were travelling along Blackwall Road in Chuwar when they attempted to intercept the alleged stolen Holden Commodore with false number plates which was being driven with a blown tyre," QPS said in a statement. 

"The vehicle allegedly failed to stop, turning onto Kholo Road before the occupants began throwing items from the car at pursuing police, including head rests and bricks." 

The 22-year-old man is due to appear in Ipswich Magistrates Court on January 22. 

UPDATE: A woman was left injured and badly shaken after a suspected stolen car ran her off the road at Tivoli this morning.

It is believed the same vehicle that caused 71-year-old Barellan Point resident Denise Overell to crash on Mt Crosby Rd was the one that later crashed at North Ipswich and led to the arrest of two men.

Mrs Overell's husband Roger said his wife was driving along Mt Crosby Rd about 11.47am when a Commodore suddenly sped up behind her and attempted to pass her on the inside.

The impact caused extensive damage to Mrs Overell's car, in addition to some minor injuries to the Ipswich woman, who had to be taken to hospital for treatment.

"She is very shaken and a bit sore and bruised," Mr Overell said.

"Witnesses told us the guy came screaming up behind everyone and tried to pass her on the inside.

"Our car is written off and it has put her in hospital.

"We are both on the pension and now we have to find a new car."


Second stolen car crashes in Ipswich, two in custody

EARLIER: Police are investigating a second crash involving a stolen vehicle in Ipswich this morning.

A short time after a stolen four-wheel-drive flipped onto its roof at Brassall, another vehicle was involved in a crash at North Ipswich.

The crash was reported outside St Joseph's School about 12.30pm.

Police confirmed two men have since been taken into custody.

Detective Acting Senior Sergeant Daniel Cunningham said police did not believe the two incidents were linked, but said investigations were continuing.