Actor Matt Wilson and Geordie Shore's Scotty T pose for a photo on the set of Neighbours.
Actor Matt Wilson and Geordie Shore's Scotty T pose for a photo on the set of Neighbours. Contributed

Scotty T films Neighbours cameo, reveals MasterChef ambition

WE'LL see a lot more of Geordie Shore larrikin Scotty T next year.

The reality TV star, who is essentially a professional partier on MTV's alcohol-fuelled show, is expanding his horizons beyond his native Newcastle.

The 26-year-old (real name Scott Timlin) will not only return in season 12 of Geordie Shore next year, but he's rumoured to star the next season of Ex on the Beach, another MTV offering featuring a bevvy of scantily-clad young Brits.

He is also rumoured to be in the running as a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother UK.

"Everyone thinks I'm going on it, but I can't give away anything," he told APN.

"If I was to go on something like that I'd never go on with the intention of winning. I'd just be me."

On Monday he also filmed a cameo for long-running Aussie soap Neighbours, which he described as "mint".

"It was weird having to act, even though I was being myself," he said.

"I used to watch it years ago and the whole set is mad.

"I'd love to do some more acting; you never know what comes up."

Primarily known for his partying ways, his cheeky one-liners and his love of "pulling birds", Timlin is also a keen cook.

"I'd love (to do) Celebrity MasterChef," he said.

"I just learned (to cook) myself. I've lived on my own since I was 17 and I'm always eating good food."

As for the upcoming season 11 finale of Geordie Shore, he says it features the departure of a housemate.

"Towards the end of this season it gets better; people have more fun and Holly's more relaxed," he said, referring to her recent split with Kyle.

"It's a good ending, but it's a bit dramatic as someone ends up leaving."

Timlin's Neighbours cameo will air in April next year on ELEVEN.