DRONES AWAY: Connor Middleton and Eamon Kriz with the Fly for Good students.
DRONES AWAY: Connor Middleton and Eamon Kriz with the Fly for Good students.

Schoolgirls launch new program to ‘revolutionise’ future

LOCAL schoolgirls from five high schools across the Coast will launch drones on August 25 in a quest to make the world a better place.

Noosa Council’s five-part Fly for Good program, currently underway, is teaching a select group of 18 students from local schools how to fly drones and use them to resolve important environmental and humanitarian problems.

Noosa Council’s Libraries and Galleries Manager Tracey King said there’s a lot more to drones than just recreational use.

“Whether it’s delivering medicines to remote areas, mapping hard-to-reach terrain, re-planting forests or assessing structural damage, drones are being used more and more in important projects around the world.”

Noosa Library Service, in partnership with the Peregian Digital Hub, offered the program to females only, in a bid to encourage girls to step forth ahead of their male counterparts who have traditionally dominated STEM-related learning opportunities.

“We are thrilled to have had such a high level of interest from female students across the Coast to participate in the program,” Ms King said.

“Drones are certainly on track to facilitate and revolutionise a broad range of industries in the future.

“It’s great to see our local teenagers embracing these technologies now, in preparation for the future.”

The program, presented by two local Year 12 entrepreneurs and drone experts Connor Middleton and Eamon Kriz, concludes with the Competition Day this Sunday, August 25, at the Noosa Leisure Centre from 1-3pm.

The Fly for Good program is supported by an Advance Queensland Engaging Science Grant.