The magic of outdoor play is explored at Black Mountain's Natureweavers Forest School.
The magic of outdoor play is explored at Black Mountain's Natureweavers Forest School.

School is ‘outside’ for insights

WHEN children immerse themselves in Noosa outdoors, amazing nurturing and growth takes place.

At least that is the foundation tenet of the Natureweavers Forest School which is currently holding its summer holiday program.

Parents can give their children “the ultimate gift of nature” at the Natureweavers an award-winning educational adventure at Black Mountain.

Children aged 2-16 years are delighting in the sensory gains to be experienced during the holidays as they play and learn in “wildspace in tune with the natural rhythm of the season, the day and themselves”.

“This program offers children and their parents opportunities to make seasonal decorations from nature and eco-conscious gifts, tune into their animal allies and the slow art of weaving with nature,” the school’s Facebook said.

Included are two-day non-residential summer camps exploring whittling, wildcrafting and the wheel of the year.

“These programs enable children to go deeper into the skills of wood whittling and honourable harvest; herbal medicine and wildfoods and phenology and the rhythm of the year.”

Natureweavers is Queensland’s longest running forest school which “invites children to make friends with nature from a very young age, and to nurture that friendship throughout their lives”.

“We do this by inviting children to engage with their local landscape through play that is rewarding, risky and real. It allows them to achieve wondrous feats, marvellous creations and epic journeys, and at other times to fall from trees, shake their confidence and head home with a gumboot full of soggy mud.”

Natureweavers believe as children grow, so does their relationship with their backyard, their local park, the bushland at the edge of town, their region, their country and their world.

The school does not shy away from its aim to help develop “the next generation of Earth Warriors – for when children consider the wind, the trees, the frogs and the seas to be their friends, they are more likely to protect them if and when the need arises”.

Holiday details are on the Natureweavers website at: