The heavy seas at Sunshine Beach have created dangerous sand cliffs.
The heavy seas at Sunshine Beach have created dangerous sand cliffs. Peter Gardiner

Councillor in warning on beaches: Sand cliffs could kill

A SUNSHINE Coast councillor has warned parents about the dangers towering sand cliffs on Coast beaches pose to children.

Cr Russell Green said the biggest threat from eroded beaches was the collapse of these unstable structures.

"The biggest message is for parents not to allow their kids to play in those sand cliffs," he said.

"There have been some unfortunate incidents in the past where children have been trapped after digging in the dunes.

"If they (the highest dunal scarps along the Coast) come down, it will be three-and-a-half metres of sand landing on top of them."

Meanwhile, a large navigational buoy meant to be steering vessels away from the ex-HMAS Brisbane dive wreck, off Mudjimba, washed ashore in rough seas at the southern end of Peregian's battered main beach this week.

Peregian's few hardy beachgoers were confronted by a large metal marker, with a light on top and a large letter B, which had broken free from its mooring.

A lifeguard reportedly spotted the marker on Tuesday about 9.30am, 700m offshore, 1km south of Peregian Beach.

A Maritime Safety Queensland spokesman said buoys and other navigational aids commonly were lost, damaged or moved during severe weather.

"This particular buoy became dislodged in heavy seas," the spokesman said.

"Maritime Safety Queensland has identified it as the north cardinal buoy for the dive wreck, ex-HMAS Brisbane

"Yesterday, we became aware the buoy was in the surf zone at Peregian near beach access 59.

"Planning is now under way to recover the buoy as soon as tides allow."

Cr Green said little could be done for all the Coast's open beaches right now.

"There is no point in attempting anything simply because the weather reports say the swell will drop off before increasing again on Monday into next week," he said.