SAMSUNG keeps serving up great tablets to knock Apple's iPads off their perch.

The newest addition to its flagship Galaxy Note range provides an incredible variety of applications - from work to play - in one super-stylish unit.

Squarely aimed at the iPad Air, which is a great device, the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) is ultra-thin at 7.9mm, while its high- resolution display is brilliant.

But what sets the Samsung apart is the functionality of its S Pen, and being able to run applications on multiple windows.

For example, you can be surfing the web while watching a video or checking your emails while updating a graphic.

What is cool is being able to use the S Pen to drag and drop content between windows.

You can even draw a window on the screen to create your own menu of shortcuts to specific applications, tools and navigation options loaded onto the device.

The tablet allows you to display content in a magazine-style format, which makes the very most of its high-resolution display.

The device is remarkably slim, given its need to accommodate the S Pen, while its textured back cover includes stitched borders, creating a sense of class.

The S Pen is probably something that would appeal to some more than others, with schoolchildren and scrapbook fans wanting to express their creativity a clear target.

The S Pen features included are Action Memo, Scrapbook, Screen Write and S Finder.

Digital scrapbookers can easily collect content such as art, pictures or videos and then organise it in scrapbook files.

With Easy Chart, hand- drawn visualisations of data can be morphed into formal charts and graphs. Budding artists can use Autodesk Sketchbook for painting and sketching.

For the Australian market, Samsung is offering:

  • One month free trial with Samsung Music Hub
  • 8 weeks of free movie streaming with Quickflix
  • Bonus 50GB storage for two years with Dropbox
  • A free 12-month Bloomberg News subscription

The Galaxy 10.1 (2014 Edition) retails for $649 for wi-fi only or $799 for wi-fi and 4G.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 – 2014 Edition


WITH more and more students owning a tablet device, parents are being encouraged to make the most of the educational benefits of them.

Jenny Goodridge,  Head of Content and Services, Samsung Electronics Australia, said good tablets could be used not only for entertainment but as an effective study tool through apps and online resources.

:The Samsung GALAXY Tab and Note tablets offer Australian families access to a range of digital education apps through the Samsung Apps store, including content based on the Australian K-12 curriculum and the exclusive SkillsBuilder app, which can help students become familiar with the style of questions in the NAPLAN exams," Goodridge said in a statement.

But a recent survey by Samsung found 44% of Australian parents were not aware of apps to prepare for NAPLAN.

The SkillsBuilder app helps students from grades 3 to 9 build on the essential reading, writing, language and numeracy skills they're learning in school.

The application also offers quick feedback on questions and personalised quiz results.

Students with the GALAXY Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) tablet can also use Samsung's intuitive S-Pen to write answers.

Also available is Mathletics Student, a fun and interactive mathematic based application, covering topics from the K-12   Australian   curriculum.

An   ongoing   subscription   will   allow   students  to  work  on   the   website while syncing all their results to a desktop version.