IN THE KNOW: RG Strategic director Russell Green advises clients on how things work in Noosa shire.
IN THE KNOW: RG Strategic director Russell Green advises clients on how things work in Noosa shire.

Russell's got our back

WHATEVER happened to Russell Green?

The cycling-mad, 17-year serving Noosa and amalgamated Sunshine Coast councillor, who played a crucial role in transforming planning and tourism to preserve the character of Noosa shire, is still around - and still keeping a gatekeeper's watch over the region.

These days he has his own local town planning and business consultancy with two staff, a large part of which is advising clients on how things work in Noosa shire.

"RG Strategic started in 2014 as a home office and we have now grown to a viable business,” Mr Green said.

"Our focus is on all matters relating to town planning and strategic planning around tourism and major events.

"I am also working with clients on how to meet aged care needs in Noosa - this is a pressing issue.”

Mr Green said his son was currently studying project management and planned to join the company when his studies were complete.

He said with the council presently developing the New Noosa Plan along with the changes to the State Planning Act, investors needed sound advice and his council and planning experiences contributed to expert knowledge.

Mr Green still contributes to Noosa council on collaborative matters, including consultation on the new planning scheme, and has worked with Tourism Noosa in its consultation process with members on council's Draft Transport Strategy.

"All sectors of Noosa's business industry, including tourism, require solutions and investment infrastructure to provide for a sustainable model of transport and parking for residents, employees and visitors,” hesaid.

"Hastings St and Noosa Junction are key drivers of the Noosa economy and presently up to 72% of all employees use their private vehicle to drive to work as other alternatives presently are not able to meet their requirements.

"Transport and parking solutions are an opportunity for both community and industry to work in partnership.

"As a community and industry, we must find some better solutions - leadership and infrastructure investment is key in finding the solutions.”

Mr Green said the development industry was still knocking on Noosa's doors to seek outcomes for many varied sites and locations. He noted that many more now "got” what our region was all about.

"I provide planning and strategic advice to them on how best to interpret the requirements of the Noosa Plan and work with them to prepare and lodge the best planning application, which will achieve theirs and council's preferred outcomes for the proposed development,” he said.

"I aim to provide clear and concise advice, which enables the client to make sound investment decisions for their project - and yes, at times I have had to advise that the project just does not actually fit and should be either reworked or not proceeded with.”