A beer bottle was allegedly used in the attack.
A beer bottle was allegedly used in the attack.

Rugby star in alleged beer bottle assault

A WOMAN who represented Queensland in rugby union sevens will face court over an alleged glassing that led to a man needing $13,000 in ­surgery.

Okeroa Manihera, 30, was at a home in Logan in June last year when she got into an argument with a 24-year-old male rugby union player while they were drinking in a shed.

The argument between Manihera and the rugby union player was "jovial" according to police allegations contained in court documents, before Manihera allegedly became "stern and serious" and grabbed a beer bottle from the table in front of them.

Police allege she accused the 24-year-old of doing something wrong, despite the man insisting he had never met Manihera before.

Manihera allegedly swung the bottle in a backhand motion and smashed it into the complainant's mouth and face, according to police.

He suffered shattered teeth, nerve damage and needed major dental procedures that cost $13,000 to repair.

Manihera has since been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm while armed.

"The complainant felt his teeth break and could feel blood and fragments of teeth inside of his mouth," police allege in court documents.

"The complainant spat and saw blood and fragments of his teeth on the ground."

The injuries suffered to the man included major teeth fractures that exposed nerves.

The damaged teeth needed to be removed and he required three root canals.

He was required to have titanium implants with veneers inserted into his gums. In total the procedures cost approximately $13,000 and he requires ongoing treatment.

Manihera has represented the state in rugby union sevens, competing in interstate competitions in NSW.

Manihera will face Beenleigh Magistrates Court again in the coming months.

The maximum sentence for assault occasioning bodily harm with a weapon is 10 years in prison.