Six year old Rubi (CRCT) Bowen-Hamilton will take part in Miss Diamond Australia.  Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily
Six year old Rubi (CRCT) Bowen-Hamilton will take part in Miss Diamond Australia. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily John McCutcheon

Rubi on a quest to raise money for HeartKids

JUST like most six-year-old girls Rubi Bowen-Hamilton loves to dress up like a princess. Unlike most six-year-old girls Rubi is a princess with a purpose.

Rubi has been named as a grand finalist in the Miss Diamond Australia Beauty Pageant and is now aiming to raise as much money as she can for HeartKids.

Mum Jayde Bowen-Hamilton said Rubi had been wanting to help the charity even since her cousin had had problems with her heart.

“My niece, Rubi’s cousin, was born with cogenital heart disease and Rubi understands her cousin has a sick heart and has seen her go through surgery and wants to help,” she said.

Jayde said the pageant, which focuses on diversity, was the perfect opportunity for Rubi to be a princess while also helping out a good cause.

“This pageant is more about charity than looks,” Jayde said.

“Anyone of any age and size can enter and it’s about brining everyone together to make them all feel beautiful.

“So she can be a princess for a day while also helping the community.”

Jayde said while Rubi had no fear of putting on a show for other people, this pageant would allow her to do it in a constructive way.

“She has behavioural issues and likes to be the centre of attention - it calms her down,” she said.

“I’d been on a few mothers Facebook pages and followed the journey of another lady’s daughter who had gone from a little shy thing to a big confident 11-year-old out meeting people and oozing confidence and thought this was something Rubi could benefit from rather than just being the little naughty girl.”

Jayde said she had already seen positive changes in Rubi as she began approaching businesses to help raise money.

“The pageant isn’t held until next April so we’ve got just under 12 months to do a lot of charity work,” she said.

“Rubi wants to do raffles and things like that instead of just asking people for money. She wants to give people prizes as something back for their help.

“She’s got high expectations of how much money she wants to raise and is really excited to do it so we’re asking the community to help and donate things we can put towards raffles.”

Direct donations are also accepted and can be deposited into the HeartKids Queensland Incorporated Working Account, BSB 034076, Account Number 428105 with the reference number 000383.