IT’S RUBBISH: Litter on the side of the Tokara Canal.
IT’S RUBBISH: Litter on the side of the Tokara Canal. Patrick Woods

Rubbish! It’s clean-up time again on the Coast

SUNSHINE Coast, it's time to clean up your act again.

Four months on from Clean Up Australia Day, rubbish has built up in new and not so new trouble spots.

The shame file includes the northern side of the Maroochy River bridge northbound, Fishermans Rd at Maroochydore, and drains at the new Bunnings superstore, Maroochydore.


Rubbish around the coast. Sunshine Motor Way north bound lanes after Maroochydore Bridge.
MESSED UP: Rubbish along the Sunshine Motorway north-bound lanes just over the Maroochy River Bridge. Patrick Woods

Noosa Shire councillor Joe Jurisevic, a long-term Clean Up Australia Day coordinator on the Coast, said rubbish was a periodic problem on the Coast and unfortunately often followed holidays.

"Bad habits tend to slip in with some people and other people have no habits whatsoever," he said.

Do you think there's too much litter on the Coast?

This poll ended on 17 July 2016.

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Tony Brown, Pacific Paradise Clean Up Australia Day coordinator and local real estate agent, said there had been a marked decrease in litter in the area over the past two years but there were still people who did not care where they left their rubbish.

"I think there's still too many people who think someone else will take care of their minor indiscretions, and the problem is that all those minor indiscretions add up to a problem," he said.

"I think for us, it's more when people see that when other people have been throwing things out the window or leaving it on the footpath, the next person thinks it's okay.

"Some people think if there's rubbish there, then someone will have to clean it so if I put my rubbish next to it, they'll pick that up, too."


Rubbish in a drain outside the new Bunnings superstore, Maroochydore.
LITTERBUGGED: Wrappings and drink containers in a drain outside the new Bunnings superstore, Maroochydore. Janine Hill

Bernie Lowe, of Mount Coolum, regularly picks up rubbish between Marcoola and Point Arkright and Mount Coolum and said it was common for him to fill four buckets with the likes of cigarette butts, plastic bottles, plastic pieces, shoes, shirts socks and broken glass.

Mr Lowe said the amount of litter seemed to be reducing in the areas that he regularly cleaned up.

He said he would like to see other retirees put their time to good use as a volunteer army of "picker uppers" possibly coordinated by the council.


Rubbish around the coast. Fisherman's Road near the sport ovals.
DUMPING GROUND: A mattress dumped along Fishermans Rd, Maroochydore. Patrick Woods

Mr Jurisevic said keeping the Coast clean was a matter of pride.

"It's just a matter of civic pride in where we live. I think here on the Sunshine Coast, we do pretty well in the majority."

He said the only solution seemed to keep the message about not dumping rubbish fresh in people's minds.

"It really is down to broader education and reminding them as often as possible. We've got to change habits."