Rove McManus in Stellar Magazine.
Rove McManus in Stellar Magazine.

Rove speaks out after brutal axing

Rove's triumphant return to television came crashing down after just two episodes when Saturday Night Rove was axed earlier this month.

But despite the doomed show being dumped from Network 10's line-up in light of dismal ratings, 45-year-old McManus tells Stellar he's pleased to be able to shift his focus to his passion for illustration.

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The three-time Gold Logie winner has written and illustrated two children's books inspired by his five-year-old daughter with wife Tasma Walton, Ruby, and he says penning a cartoon for television isn't out of the question.


McManus says becoming a cartoonist has long been a dream of his, stemming from his love for the "lighter side of life".

"It's the perfect way into connecting with kids," he says.

"I have never had any hesitation about playing the monster or the superhero, or whatever is required when I'm playing with my daughter. But I was also doing that way before I had my own kid, with my nieces and nephews," he told Stellar.


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The beloved media personality went on to reveal - rather surprisingly - that as a child, he was shy.

He said he spent hours in his bedroom drawing characters, something he's always enjoyed as a form of "escapism".

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McManus tells Stellar he’ll be back on TV one day.
McManus tells Stellar he’ll be back on TV one day.

"I'm not a natural performer, but I've always enjoyed the escapism of writing and animation."

This year, McManus has penned two children's books; Disgusting McGrossface, which came about after he tried to explain his irritation with litterbugs to Ruby during a trip to the park, and Rocky Lobstar - an idea he initially pitched as a cartoon series to Nickelodeon in the US.

While reluctant to deeply discuss his variety show being booted off the network, according to Stellar, he said it won't be the last time we'll see him on TV.


Stellar is on sale now.
Stellar is on sale now.


"TV has been as much a part of my life as drawing," McManus tells Stellar. "So I'm

sure I'll find myself back there again, too."

Perhaps, he added, as a lead role in one of his own cartoons.

Disgusting McGrossface ($17.99) is out now; Rocky Lobstar: Rocky To The Rescue! ($14.99) is out Tuesday, both via Scholastic Australia.


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