Kangaroos at Parraweena Park, Point Vernon.
Kangaroos at Parraweena Park, Point Vernon.

ROO ATTACK: Woman hospitalised as more animals displaced

RESIDENTS are being reminded to be aware of wildlife as more housing developments leave animals displaced.

It comes after a kangaroo attack recently left an elderly woman with deep lacerations to her arms and face.

The attack happened in Point Vernon, with police, paramedics and wildlife rescue carers called to the scene.

Natalie Richardson from Wildlife Rescue Fraser Coast was notified of the attack, which left the 81-year-old woman in hospital for several days.

Ms Richardson said the woman had not done anything wrong.

She had noticed the roo inside her fence and opened the gate to let it free, but it attacked her.

Ms Richardson said the intention of the wildlife rescue team had been to relocate the kangaroo to new territory, as developments in Point Vernon meant there was less and less space for the animals.

But the attacking roo was found to have neurological issues and injuries associated with being struck by a vehicle at some point.

The kangaroo had to be euthanised, Ms Richardson said.

A spokeswoman for the Queensland Ambulance Service said the incident happened about 9.20am on August 26.

She said the woman suffered deep lacerations to her face and arms as well as a shoulder injury in the attack.

The woman was taken to Hervey Bay Hospital in a stable condition.

It is understood she remained in hospital for several days.