Rocky supports runner as he passes

AUSTRALIA'S ultra marathon runner Richard Bowles, ran his way through the Rockhampton region yesterday.

Bowles is running around Australia, every day for six months, to support SANE Australia's work for people with mental illness.

He says it's the mental and physical challenges that are inspiring him to undertake his biggest adventure yet - running Australia's rugged Bicentennial National Trail.

"It can be tough for anyone at the best of times to get fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it's an even greater hurdle for people who are living with a mental illness," Bowles said.

During the first 3000km from Healesville, Victoria, Bowles has encountered snowstorms, the swollen Murray River, strained muscles and angry bulls as he tackles the treacherous terrain of the BNT.

However, Bowles is looking forward to the challenges that await him as he completes the remainder of his 5330km journey to Cooktown in Far North Queensland.