551g of weed just ‘fell off the truck’

ROCKHAMPTON man Jay Anthony Ross Whitmey claimed the 551g of marijuana found in his house by police had 'fallen off a truck'.

The 37-year-old, who was on parole at the time of his arrest, entered a guilty plea at the Rockhampton District Court yesterday and was charged with one count of possession of dangerous drugs in excess of 500g.

When police searched Whitmey's home in September last year, they found 551g of marijuana, a 'tick sheet' listing five drug debts and digital scales.

Whitmey initially told police the cannabis was for personal use and was given to him as partial payment for renovation work he had done on a friend's house.

He then changed his statement claiming the marijuana 'fell off a truck', which he later retracted.

Both statements were met with criticism from Judge Michael Burnett who doubted the defendant's claims.

"A lot of what you told the police is rubbish," Judge Burnett said.

"I don't for a moment believe that it was for personal use as you told police."

Whitmey's defence solicitor Alan Grant told the court Whitmey began self medicating his depression with marijuana following a frontal-lobe injury and marriage breakdown in 2013, but Crown prosecutor Ryder Reid argued a 'substantial' amount was found and was obviously for a commercial purpose.

Whitmey was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with immediate parole.