A man was arrested at Hungry Jack's in Kedron after attempting to rob a nearby Asian takeaway store.
A man was arrested at Hungry Jack's in Kedron after attempting to rob a nearby Asian takeaway store. Local

'You have one knife, I've got two': Fleeing robber nabbed in HJ's toilet

WOULD-BE armed robber Aaron Charles William Flouskos found his victim wasn't about to hand over cash without a fight.

Flouskos, 20, was on bail for 18 counts of dealing methamphetamine and marijuana on the Coast when he walked into an Asian food takeaway in Brisbane on November 3 last year.

Maroochydore District Court heard on Monday that he threw a torn envelope with the words "I've got a knife give me the money" written on it to the owner and a staff member.

Flouskos then lifted his jumper to show the black handle of what appeared to be a knife tucked into his shorts.

The owner immediately grabbed two knives from his kitchen and said to Flouskos, "you have one knife, I've got two".

Flouskos fled as the owner chased him.

The court heard police received numerous calls from the public about a man holding a knife being chased across Gympie Rd in Kedron by an Asian person.

Employees at a nearby Hungry Jack's reported seeing a man run into the restaurant and into a men's toilet.

Police found him in there and then after a search found a black-handled kitchen knife inside the cistern of a toilet.

Flouskos pleaded guilty on Monday to the drug supply charges and attempted armed robbery.

He had been in jail from 312 days since being arrested at Hungry Jack's.

The drug offences were committed between December 2014 and May 2015.

Defence barrister Simon Lewis said his client had mental health issues for which he had been hospitalised while on remand.

"There are significant mental health issues that no doubt have been exacerbated by the use of drugs," Mr Lewis said.

Judge Long noted, however, that Flouskos was mentally fit to have his matters dealt with in district court.

Mr Lewis noted 312 days was a long time for any young man to spend in prison on remand, particularly one with mental health difficulties.

He said tests showed his client seemed to have an IQ classification of between 59 and 67, which was in the bottom percentile.

Judge Gary Long sentenced Flouskos to three years in jail to be released on parole on Thursday.