60 IS THE NEW 80: Permanent sign erected  changing 600m of 80km/h road to 60km/h.
60 IS THE NEW 80: Permanent sign erected changing 600m of 80km/h road to 60km/h. Alan Lander

Roadwork speed reduction to be made permanent

COOROY-Noosa Road eastbound drivers beware.

Regular drivers from the west of the shire coming down from Tinbeerwah towards Tewantin will be aware of road works taking place at Griffith Avenue.

This has resulted in the temporary 60km/h speed restriction from west of Gyndier Drive through to and beyond the Beckmans Road intersection.

And the first 60km/h warning sign existed just before motorists reached the Carramar nursing home.

But Noosa Council has decided to keep the 60km/h restrictions in place on the 600-metre stretch that it controls.

A new 60km/h sign has been erected permanently, well west of Gyndier Drive, which may catch the unwary even after the road works have been completed.

Do you agree with the speed limit reduction on the Cooroy-Noosa Rd?

This poll ended on 20 October 2017.

Current Results

Yes, it's for the safety of drivers and residents.


No, it's unnecessary and will cause delays.


Yes, but they should have made it 70kmh, not 60kmh.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"The speed limit along the part of this stretch that Main Roads controls will be returned to 80km/h once these roadworks are completed," a council spokesman said.

"The speed limit along a 600 metre section of the road that Noosa Council controls, however, will remain at 60km/h permanently once roadworks are finished.

"Essentially, the changes will see the existing 60km/h section extended 600 metres west, from the nursing home to Gyndier Drive.

"This road carries a lot of traffic and the lower speed will improve safety for all road users, including cyclists."

Cooroy-Noosa Road speeds between Cooroy and Tinbeerwah were recently reduced to 90km/h.