Soul searching: Musician's debut album has solid Foundations

HUIE MARLEY wanted an album which showcased every inch of his talent and he hopes his debut album Foundations achieves that.

Foundations is a seven track work which covers a lot of territory in it's 19 minute playtime which is just how the Lismore local wanted it.

"The whole premise with the project, I just wanted to make a short, easy to consume body of work to the highest of my capability at this point in time … so I suppose just expose a bit of a versatility in it too was the end goal," Marley said.

"I think the best way to describe this is a versatile, easy to listen body of work that isn't a chore to listen to, that is overall uplifting experience that is a direct audio representation of me as an individual," Marley said.



The album has been a long time in the works as Marley started it during his HSC but the journey to completion has not been linear.

"I think a few of the best tracks on there came naturally, there's been times where I've tried to sit down and lock myself away to write and produce and came out with absolutely nothing or I've woken up at 5am one morning and started mapping out a drum pattern which becomes one of the songs," Marley said.

"It's a huge personal accomplishment, since I was 16 I've had this idea in mind … and seeing the final project and process come to fruition is really rewarding because there's been countless times when I've felt like I am going around in circles and nothing was getting done," Marley said.

Marley said the reception to the album from listeners has taken him by surprise.

"So many close friends and distant friends who I haven't spoken too in years have hit me up saying I was on their Spotify which was pretty surreal … that's something I hadn't even comprehended as happening," Marley said.

There has been a push for more live performance opportunities in the Northern Rivers and Marley is hoping to take advantage of them post COVID-19.

"I think the first step is lining up a few more local gigs and venues once restrictions do start lifting and get in the process of doing a tour of the east coast," Marley said.

Foundations is available on all major music platforms.