HOLIDAY GIFT: Santa Claus catching one of the Noosa Council's free holiday buses as one way to get around Christmas.
HOLIDAY GIFT: Santa Claus catching one of the Noosa Council's free holiday buses as one way to get around Christmas. Peter Gardiner

Riding out free bus 'blow ups' as Noosa has its say

NOOSA'S latest free bus congestion-busting trial has split local online comment for and against as one frustrated traveller said the service failed to pass the toddler test.

Nicole Angela Robinson started the online debate in the wake of Noosa Council's holiday push to have more cars off the road by asking "what people think of us having to pay on our rates for the sustainable transport levy? (free buses at Christmas and Easter)”.

The posted comments did not reflect the same clear cut Go Noosa survey, which showed nine out of 10 people who caught free buses said they were satisfied or highly satisfied with the service.

The positive online vibe for the latest extended six-week free service, just concluded, included Rowena Amin: "Those free buses are keeping lots of traffic off the roads and easing parking congestion - definitely worth it in my mind!”

Jessica Scurrah loved them and Brenda Fitzsimon said she was "extremely happy” with the service.

However Nicola Jensen and Ricky Rodwell said it "would be great if the buses didn't get stuck in traffic too”.

"We have sat with kids in the heat for an hour waiting for a bus and to make it worse it was along the river where there are no toilets. We have tried it twice now but not worth the wait with two toddlers and being unfamiliar with buses we ended up being kicked off bus at the Junction and waiting again, we only wanted to go from (Noosa) Civic to Tewantin.”

Kristy Thompson said she can't get through the traffic during these times using the free bus.

"Free bus or no free bus, makes absolutely no differ- ence. Invest in more free parking instead,” she said.

Cassandra Criso thought at first it was a great idea for her daughter and her to ditch the car and use the bus, but was disenchanted by the ride.

"Our bus didn't turn up for two scheduled stops because of bloody traffic. Three hours later it was after lunch and she was bored and hungry (five-year-old) so we went and got the car.”

More positive responses included Jan Wild: "It's the cost of a clean environment and less traffic hassles. I'm fine with it”.

Pammie Griffin: "I'm all for doing our bit for the environment”.

Brian Dunn: "Fantastic idea and money well spent”.

Judy Salmon: "Quite happy”.

But Gaye Schrader posted: "Don't agree”.