Reynolds had the perfect response for a fan whose boyfriend left her heartbroken.
Reynolds had the perfect response for a fan whose boyfriend left her heartbroken. BANG Showbiz

Reynolds’ hilarious response to heartbroken fan

RYAN Reynolds has again proved why he's become one of the most-loved celebrities on Twitter by backing a heartbroken fan.

Gabi Dunn, the fan in question, showed off her clever Photoshop skills yesterday by revealing her boyfriend had broken up with her a few days after prom.

To remedy the situation, she'd simply edited the pictures to show her standing with a tuxedo-wearing Ryan Reynolds instead of her ex.

The actor, who is married to actress Blake Lively, clearly found the post hilarious and stuck behind the high-schooler, tweeting a plan of attack and starting a hashtag for the teen.

Reynolds has become as well-known for his hilarious Twitter banter as he is for his blockbuster movies, regularly taking aim at fellow celebrities on the social media platform.

And when it comes to social media roasting, few celebrities cop it more than his friend and former co-star Hugh Jackman.

When the Aussie actor posted a photo of himself at a Logan premiere standing with some fans, Reynolds saw it as the perfect opportunity to tease his friend.

"Pretty sure those are protesters," Reynolds joked, a comment that left Jackman speechless.

The pair worked together on X-Men Origins: Wolverine way back in 2009 and have hilariously been feuding ever since.

When Reynolds revealed he'd be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last December, Jackman had his turn of mocking the actor.

Using a cardboard cut out of Reynolds' face, Jackman posted the "100% real video by him" commenting on his star.

"Ryan Reynolds here ... how could a guy, who failed his high school drama class be this talented? I have no answer for that."

"But to quote my favourite actor, in the world, the great Australian Hugh Jackman, who, by the way, was People's sexiest man alive way before me, Americans are the most generous country on the planet."

Before adding a bit of advice for his fans.

"And, feel free to urinate on my section of the sidewalk."