BAGS OF ROOM: Seamstress Donna Hill with her leather-look-a-like bags designed for style.
BAGS OF ROOM: Seamstress Donna Hill with her leather-look-a-like bags designed for style. Caitlin Zerafa

Reusable is fashionable

THE recent single-use plastic bag ban is catching some shoppers off guard as people try to remember to bring reusable bags.

One Noosa seamstress is trying to make the transition a little easier with her leather-look-a-like bags she has called #NotJustABag.

Donna Hill's versatile and heavy duty bags are made from 100 per cent commercial grade polyester with the ability to hold 8kg.

"I've been thinking about these for the last six months,” Donna said.

"I always wanted to help the environment so I thought what can I do?”

A seamstress for 35 years, Donna is experienced and passionate about good quality work and materials.

"I've designed these bags with practicality in mind, and to look classy.”

"I didn't want to be walking around the street with a carrot or an avocado on my bag,” she said.

"I am all about matching fashion and I wanted it to be stylish.”

Originally designed as a grocery bag alternative, the single mother has been happily surprised with their popularity.

"They are unisex and people are using them not only as a grocery bag but as a beach bag, a baby bag or a work bag,” she said.

"I have only been pushing the product with word of mouth and on Facebook and I've already had orders from people in Melbourne, the Kimberleys and New Zealand.”

Donna has taken the product further since its launch, creating a bag with black handles and side pockets to easily function as a handbag and fit more #NotJusatABag's inside.

"The idea is you can have one as a bag and then have two more bags inside so you always have three bags on you,” she said.

"I thought if I can't remember to bring extra bags how will everyone else?”

"I've also created them with a wide shoulder strap so it doesn't cut into your shoulders,” she said.

Donna runs her business from her home in Noosaville and has done so for 11 years.

"I love it and I put my heart and soul into everything I do,” she said.

"Let's help the environment one bag at a time.”

To find out more call 0431374464.