Retired teacher heads online for his morning news

DAVID Courtney has a strict online routine.

The retired Mapleton teacher gets up in the morning, has a cup of tea and opens the laptop where he has a number of newspapers bookmarked.

"I have a look at the Sunshine Coast Daily first to see what's been happening in the past 24 hours," he said. "I like to start with the local news."

Mr Courtney, who still does some casual work with respite and aged care, said human interest stories were of particular interest.

"Because I was a high school teacher and because of what I do now, I've spent a lot of my working life dealing with people and young people and their parents," he said.

"That's probably why I'm drawn to those sorts of stories."

Mr Courtney said he also preferred stories with a bit more substance to them, rather than the social media stories.

"I do read the occasional opinion piece that appears on the Sunshine Coast Daily website," he said.

"I will read some of Bill Hoffman's work.

"He has some substance and comments are usually based on something relevant.

"He can put together an elusive argument that makes sense. It's not just an opportunity to rant and distress."

Mr Courtney is passionate about Coastal development, environmental development and conflict with development.

"I take a lot of interest in what my local councillor Greg Rogerson is doing too," he said.

"Recently I've followed the issue of overtime rates at the cemetery. It was amazing that the council thought it would get away with that."

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