DELICIOUS: Light, yet satisfying - the mussel, prawn and crab spaghettini.
DELICIOUS: Light, yet satisfying - the mussel, prawn and crab spaghettini. Amber Macpherson

Restaurant review: Pier 11, Noosa Marina

HOW do you pass the time when the rain's pouring down in Noosa?

Head to Pier 11 at the Noosa Marina, eat an excellent meal and watch the droplets patter across the Noosa River.

Pier 11 boasts one of the best views in Noosa, hands down - but it's the food that's the star of the show.

For such sophisticated flavours, ingredients and preparation, typical lunch entrees and mains are very reasonably priced, setting you back about $14 to $20.

Of course there's also the prime cuts of pork and beef for those feeling fancy, but here's a tip: order the two course lunch special ($30) and you can enjoy a quality scotch fillet main, plus a delicious entree and a glass of wine or beer.

For an entree we tried the salt and pepper calamari and the shredded duck rolls.

The calamari was supple and came with a fresh salad of wombok, carrot, sprouts, mint with chilli lime dressing, lemon and aioli.

The duck rolls are an interactive experience with all the ingredients arriving beautifully arranged on the plate, and accompanied by spicy chimichurri sauce and kecap manis so you can alter the flavour to your liking.

With three rolls to assemble, I tried one without any sauce, letting the flavours of the shredded duck and sriracha coleslaw dominate, then added one of each sauce to the next.

While I love chilli, the extra sweetness of the kecap manis and the duck were a match made in heaven.

For a main, we ordered the mussel, Mooloolaba prawns and crab spaghettini.

Cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, white wine and parsley sat on a bed of thin spaghettini strands, a perfect nest of colour, taste and textures.

For a pasta dish, it was light yet very filling.

The sticky pork belly and hokkien noodle salad was a delicious sea of flavours.

As a treat on the cool day, we ordered duck poutine - crispy fries topped with shredded duck, three cheeses and gravy.