CLEAN: The council wants to extend its green waste bin service to resorts.
CLEAN: The council wants to extend its green waste bin service to resorts.

Resort to green bins

RESORTS with large general rubbish bins overflowing with garden waste has been a prime trigger for Noosa Shire Council to extend its green waste service to commercial premises.

Council waste manager Wayne Schafer said some of the large 1100-litre waste bins at resorts had been found to be 100 per cent full of garden waste in an audit conducted by consultant Envirocom.

"The audit confirmed that between 24 and 30 per cent of waste from these properties consisted of garden waste that could potentially be separately collected and diverted via a garden waste collection service,” Mr Schafer said.

"If council can divert, say, 2000 tonnes of additional commercial garden waste from landfill, commercial property owners will potentially save $150,000 in waste levy charges.”

The council will vote this Thursday on a waste policy change that will offer a service presently only provided to residential properties.

Deputy Mayor Frank Wilkie asked Mr Schafer if he was surprised by the amount of green waste volumes detected in the audit.

"I was surprised by the figures but when you see the trucks coming into the landfill, they're full of green waste,” Mr Schafer said.

"Some of the units are actually using dedicated garbage bins just for green waste.

"Those people can achieve a substantial saving in cost without doing very much other than putting a different-coloured lid on the bin, which we'll do for them.”

Councillor Joe Jurisevic said as business operators became educated on the waste minimisation by diverting more of it from landfill, this would lead to better outcomes for the council's zero waste strategy.

The audit of 756 bins from multi-unit accommodation identified the following results:

The contents of resort bins averaged 16.29kg per bin. with 30 per cent of the content's weight garden waste

The contents of multi-unit developments' bins averaged 14.31kg per bin, with 24 per cent of the content's weight garden waste