Noosa holiday renters hit back at party animal criticisms

ALLEGATIONS of unreasonable noise from holidaymakers made by permanent Noosa Heads residents living next door to enormous holiday rental homes have prompted questions of residential and commercial zonings and the number of people allowed to holiday in a house before management is required.

After a story published in the Daily last week, holiday house occupant Mark Mitchell, one of the 18 adults and six children staying in the home, has hit back at noise claims made by neighbours Paulette Andrews and her daughter Heidi of Witta Circle.

Mr Mitchell said the Daily's published photo of rubbish left outside the holiday home depicted a totally reasonable amount of recycling for the number of people staying at the home for a week.

He said they were not party animals, just a group of families on vacation.

In an email he said attempts to speak to the neighbour about any intrusive noise met with no response just an angry glare, and was followed up by the complainant's bad behaviour including night time saucepan banging, mowing a perfectly cut lawn on the nature strip and the front of her property at 5am.

"Wednesday night around 7pm she is outside this time with a recorder (flute) for around five minutes or more.

"To use vigilante-type behaviour is hypercritical and I feel this will continue to go against her in her campaign for a quieter suburb," the holidaymaker said.

He said the families had left the accommodation in: "pristine condition with a thank you gift as a kind gesture for the cleaners."

However, Heidi Andrews said she had to mow the long grass on the nature strip either early in the morning or the evening due to cars parking on it at other times. She said she didn't know about the saucepan banging.

"It's not up to us to talk to the people," she said.

"It's up to the real estate to do that."

The holidaymakers said they had received word from the real estate and responded appropriately ensuring there was no noise after 9pm. The holiday makers said the group's credentials were impeccable.

"Every tenant is professionally employed and we are all home owners. None of our group of friends ever receives noise complaints, even if we are together on holidays," the spokesperson said.

Member for Noosa Glen Elmes said the issue of noise and residential and commercial zoning had been a matter of great concern to himself and Member for Mermaid Beach Ray Stevens,

He said a bill that empowers local council to make a local law that makes the owner of a residential property liable to a penalty because of excessive noise regularly emitted from the property would go before parliament next month.

"It has also been of concern to accommodation providers who have seen some of their business leaked to inappropriate competition which has not been required to provide the entire proper safety infrastructure that genuine holiday accommodation is required to have," Mr Elmes said.