Let's try not to punch people in the head. Or anywhere else.
Let's try not to punch people in the head. Or anywhere else.

REMINDER: Let's not punch anyone in the head today

IN case you missed it, today is not a today for violence.

If today you intend to have a couple too many drinks under an inflatable palm tree in a pool, and listen to the Triple J Hottest 100 -- it's a good day for you to avoid punching someone in the head.

If you love a lot of things about this country but you don't celebrate Australia Day, it's also a good day for you not to punch someone in the head.

Whatever your mood, level of drunkeness or what someone has said to you or about you, let's try not to punch people in the face, or at all.

It's a simple and useful message from graphic designer Nick Lawler, whose message began going viral from his Facebook post earlier this month.

He told Brisbane's ABC Radio, he explained how the poster had taken on a life of its own.

"Leading up to designing it there was a lot of media about drunken assaults here in Queensland," he said.

"Off the back of that, I was reflecting on my own experiences going out on the weekend. It happens so freuently that it's par for the course now and it's become normal. I started to think that it was weird that it's now normal.

"The thought came into my head - wouldn't it be great if we could celebrate without violence? That then turned into try not to punch anyone in the head."

As Nick wrote on his Facebook post, let's look after each other today.


To do my bit this Australia Day, I made a poster. Please feel free to share this simple, but often overlooked message to...

Posted by Nick Lawler on Thursday, 14 January 2016