LONGMAN VOTES: Kathleen and Terry Harper cast their vote at Caboolture Memorial Hall.
LONGMAN VOTES: Kathleen and Terry Harper cast their vote at Caboolture Memorial Hall. Rachel Lang

Regional seats prove critical

REGIONAL Australia has changed the rules for the country's next election, with seats outside capital cities driving the knife-edge poll result and drawing focus away from metro areas.

Analysis of poll results show two thirds of the seats that swung to Labor or are in doubt were outside capital cities, destroying the Coalition's winning margin from 2013.

If Malcolm Turnbull is able to form a majority government the regional seats of Capricornia, Herbert, Forde are crucial but were still too close to call yesterday afternoon.

Has Longman sent a message to the LNP this election?

This poll ended on 14 July 2016.

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Regional Australia Institute CEO Jack Archer said those living outside metropolitan areas had sent a strong message to the major parties.

"Regional seats and areas which have the real economic challenges are where the swings and move away from Labor and the Coalition have occurred," he said.

"Whoever forms government will need to listen to the message being sent by regional Australia.''

fair go sunshine coast graphic

That message aligns with the Fair Go for Regional Australia that the Sunshine Coast Daily has been running along with other Australian Regional Media and NewsCorp titles.

"If (the Government) don't listen we'll end up in a situation where a really big number of people will not have confidence in the way government is working,'' Mr Archer said.

"If we don't do something we'll have more elections like this ... that's a real risk and won't do as much good in the longer term."

Mr Archer said both sides had failed to build an economic message outside capital cities.

"The thing that's missing is a real narrative about what happens in places like Townsville, Rockhampton or Geelong with big economic issues," he said.

"Overall the economy might do okay but if most of the gains go to the big cities then regional people won't be any better off."

Regional Capitals Australia chairman and Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn said while the major parties had focused on Western Sydney, regional Australia had become the real battleground.

Independent regional MPs will also be crucial no matter what the result, with Andrew Wilkie and Bob Katter set to play crucial roles in the next parliament.



Bass - Regional

Braddon - Regional

Burt - Metropolitan

Eden-Monaro - Regional

Lindsay - Metropolitan

Longman - Regional

Lyons - Regional

Macarthur - Metropolitan

Macquarie - Regional

Mayo - Regional

Solomon - Regional


Capricornia - Regional

Cowan - Metropolitan

Flynn - Regional

Forde- Regional

Herbert - Regional

Hindmarsh - Metropolitan