Regional pay plan to fall over

REGIONAL public servants are expected to reject a 2.2% pay offer despite Premier Campbell Newman's assurances regional jobs should be safe.

Together union secretary Alex Scott told APN it was hard for regional workers to trust the Premier when he had shut down regional correctional facilities, would not rule out shutting regional courthouses and had slashed Far North Queensland jobs.

"We think there is a lack of trust for the government at the moment," he said.

"The Government keeps saying regional jobs will be protected ... but we have seen significant job cuts across Queensland in terms of employment and services."

Mr Scott said he was confident public servants would reject the latest proposal because it still stripped a clause on job security from work agreements.

Mr Newman, speaking from the Whitsundays on Monday, said the 2.2% pay offer was 1% above inflation and he was prepared to be reasonable negotiating with the union.

He said the Government settled with the doctors at 2.5% last week and he hoped to settle other pay deals soon too.

"What has concerned us is we have had many of the unions wanting not only job security but very large pay rises above inflation," he said.

"That's having your cake and eating it too."

Mr Scott said it was an important breakthrough but he did not think public servants would vote in favour of it.

"We welcome the decision of the government to acknowledge the previous offer was a pay cut for public servant workers and the attack on existing conditions was outrageous," he said.

"At least the government has started the process of talking.

"But we think if the government was serious in relation to a peace deal they would have started talking to workers not just media.

"And it still doesn't address employment security."

Mr Newman said he was supportive of unions and their jobs but there could be no job security for people when the state could not afford to pay wages.