Regional Queenslanders call for lower speed limits

A COMPREHENSIVE review into the state's speed limits has revealed regional Queenslanders want lower speed limits on certain roads throughout their respective regions.

More than 3300 people made submissions after the State Government announced it was investigating whether speed limits across the state should be raised, lowered or kept consistent.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said on Wednesday regional Queenslanders were best placed to know the roads in their region.

"Local communities know their own roads," he said.

"In some cases they have argued for speeds to go up and in other cases for speeds to go down.

"But, particularly they have called for more consistent speeds along stretches of roads in their region."

Mr Emerson said there were sections of the Bruce and Warrego Highways which would be examined to see if changing the speed limits was appropriate.

"It has been almost two decades since we have gone down this path and done a broader review of our speed limits," he said.

"I think it has been worthwhile and clearly the public has been very enthusiastic given the amount of submissions we received.

"We will now leave it to the safety engineers to determine whether a variation of the speed limit is appropriate."

A full list of roads where speed limits are to be reviewed can be found here.