Renee Pilcher

Refugee group crowd sources to raise funds for fares

A BRISBANE refugee volunteer group is attempting to raise funds from crowd sourcing to beat rises in the cost of using Queensland's public transport.

The Multicultural Development Association has posted a plea on Everyday Hero website calling for financial assistance to help refugees take on volunteer opportunities.

"Refugees are already giving back," a post on the site says.

"Many of our refugee clients are giving back to the community, volunteering their talents and skills across Brisbane. They are hardworking, eager to make community connections and learn new skills.

"There is just one problem … The cost of public transport is stopping our clients from taking on volunteering opportunities. These clients have limited resources and are unable to work. However, they want to make a contribution through volunteering.'

On January 6, Translink announced a 7.5% increase in public transport fees.

The  not-for-profit MDA  helps settle refugees across Queensland and hopes to raise $5000 in its  "Donate a Ride" campaign.

Almost $2500 had been donated by 7.30am today.