Mungindi Fire, September 1 2020
Mungindi Fire, September 1 2020

‘Rebuild our little town’: Plea to help Mungindi after fire

A FORMER Mungindi resident has set up a Gofundme page to support his nearest and dearest affected by the blaze that destroyed several businesses in a small southwest Queensland town late Tuesday night.

"An unthinkable tragedy has struck our little town and we're reaching out for any help that we're able to get to rebuild," Dylan Murphy wrote on the page.

"These stores are the lifeblood of the little town and their destruction will impact the entire town and those around it."

Late last night, a fire destroyed several businesses including the supermarket, butcher and homewares store.

It took several hours for firefighters to control the blaze.

No one was injured and the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

Mr Murphy currently lives on the Gold Coast but was first made aware of the fire when his parents messaged their family group chat.

"I was in shock," he said.

"My first thought was that I had to get out there and help.

"I was thinking I needed to load my car with groceries and get out there.

"I was watching the video posted by a local live destroying all the buildings - it was absolutely devastating to watch, it's something the town doesn't need right now.

"You could hear the comments from locals in the video and the sadness in their voices, it was horrible."

He lived in Mungindi until he was 18-years-old but regularly returns to visit family and friends.

He said it's a very tight knit community, one where everyone knows each other.

"The butcher shop owner, Red is a close friend of the family and the clothing store owner is a second cousin of ours," he said.

"It's sad for the butcher shop as it had so much memorabilia inside it - full of old rugby league gear."

He said he can't imagine how the locals are feeling right now, "it's the last thing they need".

"Just during this time with COVID, and they can't even travel to Moree and come back because of the isolation bubble, it'll be very difficult for them all," he said.

"Even now they need a permit to go to hospital, so this just complicates things even more.

"I just hope this fundraiser will help - I've never done a Go Fund Me Page before but I know they're quite successful so I just jumped on the site and within 12 hours, we already had $600.

"Things like insurance could take a while, so this will help in some way or another.

"Any amount will make a huge difference - even if it could be put towards buying groceries for the elderly, maybe someone can travel and buy necessities for the elderly, that would be really helpful."

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