“I didn’t realise you were offering a gift that you didn’t want accepted.”
“I didn’t realise you were offering a gift that you didn’t want accepted.”

Shocking text after $126 swindle

A PART-TIME supermarket worker who claims she was tricked into paying $126 for her co-worker's groceries as a leaving gift has shared the passive aggressive response she received after summoning the courage to challenge the older woman.

Posting on mums' forum Mumsnet last week, the 19-year-old going by the username LilacBearberry asked whether she was "being unreasonable" to think her co-worker was being rude for taking advantage of the well-meaning offer.

"I work part-time in a supermarket and it was someone's last shift," she wrote in the original post. "I do have a gift for her at home (as she didn't know her leaving date) but I told her to grab a few bits and I'll treat her (I didn't know what else to do).

"The shopping came to £72.34! She then goes, 'Thanks so much.' She also knows I'm a student. Maybe it's my fault for doing what I did, but don't you think that's quite rude?"

Asked why she didn't just drop the present off at the woman's house, the user said she didn't know the co-worker well enough.

"I only have her number (but we have only ever spoke about work)," she wrote. "I don't even have her on Facebook. We get on well at work though, was just being nice ... Most people got a gift.

"I assumed she'd pick out some wine and chocolate or whatever. It didn't seem like an odd offer. She has been really nice to me while she has worked here ... I now realise I was just f***ing stupid. I was trying to be nice."

She clarified that the woman, a team leader in her 40s, was definitely not just doing her own shop and expected her to "pay for a couple of items". "[Our] uniform doesn't have pockets and she didn't have her bag on her or any other way to pay at the time," she wrote.

"She did hug me, but she didn't seem surprised after I had paid, she was expecting me to. Definitely a lesson learned."

The worker’s original post on Mumsnet.
The worker’s original post on Mumsnet.


The response she received after challenging the woman.
The response she received after challenging the woman.


The post attracted more than 400 reactions, with a mix of sympathetic and critical comments. "That's not rude that's insane," wrote SadTrombone.

"I am sorry but it really was an odd offer," wrote Purplecorkheart. "She should not have taken advantage but you did leave yourself wide open. Honestly if that situation comes up again pick up a couple of scratch cards or a lotto ticket and a sorry your leaving card. Unfortunately, there are people who take advantage."

Encouraged by users to message the co-worker to follow up the situation, LilacBearberry then shared a message she claimed to have received from the woman. "I'm really sorry to have accepted your gift," the text message read. "I didn't realise you were offering a gift that you didn't want accepted. xx"

"Well, we were having a slightly reasonable conversation about it, but then she sends this!" she wrote. "Can't be bothered with it. I've tried to take your advice.

"Even though she was being kinda okay about it before this (saying how it seemed like a small shop to her, although 'to someone young' (I thought that was a bit hmm) she could see how it may have been a lot for me and she was sorry, but then she only goes and says this. I'm just annoyed really. I actually got on well with her."

The response sparked outrage. "If she had any decency, she would have offered the money back by now. But she obviously has no shame," wrote Starray.

"This woman really is a nasty piece of work," wrote gamerwido. "She must know that what she did is out of order, no one thinks taking a £70+ gift from someone they barely know is okay. You tried to do a kind thing and she took advantage of you and now she's trying to pretend it's you that it is at fault."

Many recommended she ask for the money back. "If she doesn't return the £70 within say five days, involve your bosses," wrote IamtheDevilsAvocado. "Let them let her current employers know how lacking in integrity/dishonest she is and [that she] financially abused a junior staff member."


The response she received after challenging the woman.
The response she received after challenging the woman.