Farmer Sean Hollands, 35, from Maryborough will feature on the upcoming new season of Married At First Sight. Supplied by Channel 9.
Farmer Sean Hollands, 35, from Maryborough will feature on the upcoming new season of Married At First Sight. Supplied by Channel 9.

Married at First Sight labels M'boro a "remote area"

IT MIGHT go down as one of the most romantic "weddings" in Married at First Sight's history.

Maryborough's Sean Hollands was paired with Susan, 37, from Perth.

There was an awkward moment at the ceremony in Melbourne when it appeared Sean had decided not to take part in the experiment, which sees experts pairing strangers in holy matrimony - not in the legal sense ... but still.

But that was just a ruse and Sean made a grand entrance on horseback to meet his bride.

Before the nuptials took place, Sean met with the nine other single men, all of them nervous on the night before their weddings.


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Sean's entry into the party caused a stir.

Showing his rural roots, Sean was dressed cowboy-style, with one of the other men suggesting he looked like a bull rider.

Sean lives on a property 15 minutes outside Maryborough, which has cafes, some very nice pubs, shopping centres and the Bruce Hwy, which leads to Brisbane.

Someone might want to notify the producers of the show though, because the city was referred to as a "very remote" part of Queensland during the episode.

 Hey, Maryborough might not have a Kmart, but remote is a bit of a stretch.

Do you consider Maryborough to be a remote part of Queensland?

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No? It's barely regional.


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The experts paired Sean and Susan based on their shared qualities, with one of them describing Sean as genuine and honest with a real love of the outdoors.

Sean said he loved living on a property with his horses and enjoying a quiet lifestyle, but it did get quite lonely at times.

Sean is a father of two and his first marriage ended a number of years ago.

The experts said Sean had taken the end of his first marriage hard and they wanted to focus on finding him a great match.

Enter Susan, who experts described as genuine, down to earth and strong on commitment.


Those qualities weren't the only similarities between the two. Both Sean and his bride work in the mines, something they were able to bond over after their ceremony.

From the minute the two clapped eyes on each other, it looked like something special was unfolding.

And the two shared a first kiss (and several more during photos and at the reception) that seemed pretty genuine.

When they discovered that they lived in different states, there was even some talk of moving.

If the first episode is anything to go by, the future looks pretty promising for Sean and Susan.

Now, can someone please send a map of Maryborough to the producers of Married at First Sight?