Queenslanders to protest Trump election, for some reason

THE looming inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump in January has ignited a call for an anti-Trump protest in Brisbane City, despite being almost 20 hours flight away from the event.

The "Brisbane Rally against Trump's Inauguration" is proposed to take place on Saturday January 21 from 1pm.

Since its launch three days ago, a little over 300 are interested.

About one-third of that are planning to attend, according to the Facebook event notice.

The anti-Trump rally has the support of Brisbane City councillor Jonathan Sri.

The Greens politician who represents the Gabba, has conceded that while the event "will obviously have no direct impact" on the swearing in of future President Trump, it was about showing opposition to the Republican's "clearly toxic and damaging" comments.

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He has also asked protestors not to target Trump supporters, who have "clearly very varied, and in part represent a very positive rejection of the political establishment".

"The message needs to be: 'Yes, the system is corrupt, yes you have been screwed over by the big end of town, but Trump is not the answer'."

It is not the first time Australians have attempted to protest against the election of the Republican figure and reality television star.

In Melbourne, about 80 protestors rallied against both Mr Trump and Australia's own Pauline Hanson.

Citizens in the United States too have taken to the streets to protest the election of Mr Trump, whose conservative policies included building a giant wall to keep out illegal Mexican immigrants, banning Muslim immigration and dismantling that country's medicare system introduced under outgoing President Barack Obama.