QUEENSLAND Zoo at Nambour is turning one. Let's celebrate with 10 cool facts that you may not have known. 


1. There are more than 200 animals at Queensland Zoo across more than 100 farm, native and exotic animal species.

2. The zoo is home to Queensland's only sun bear, Maly, who is also the first sun bear born in Australia. Maly also holds the record for longest tongue at the zoo - a whopping 30cm.

3. The zoo is home to the world's smallest monkey, the pygmy marmoset. From head to tail it measures roughly 15cm.

4. The oldest animal at the zoo is an echidna, Milligan, aged 45. The zoo's newest addition is a quokka named Tommy.

5. The zoo animals consume more than 40kg of fruit and vegetables every day and more than 1000 mealworms per week.

6. The friendliest animal at the zoo is a Tasmanian devil, Jezebel, and the crankiest animal is a wombat named YoYo.

7. There are seven zookeepers at the zoo.

8. The cheekiest animal at the zoo is zookeeper Wade, followed closely by Tehuti, a baboon.

9. The zoo is nestled in a pristine rainforest habitat, home to thousands of local species including lace monitors, carpet pythons and rainbow lorikeets. The site is World Heritage listed.

10. The zoo was once called Alma Park Zoo in North Brisbane