Labor's Annastacia Palaszczuk vs LNP's Campbell Newman
Labor's Annastacia Palaszczuk vs LNP's Campbell Newman

Queensland election: the final debate of the campaign


THE two people who want to be Premier from next week have made their opening pitches to Queensland voters at the final debate before Saturday's election.

Premier Campbell Newman and Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk have reiterated their ongoing campaign slogans in their opening statements.

Mr Newman, who spoke first, said the LNP's asset privatisation would "fund the future" through infrastructure construction - which he said would create jobs. He said the Mr Palaszczuk's party did not have a plan for Queensland.

Ms  Palaczszuk, however, said Labor Party was the "party of jobs" and said the LNP's plan would cost jobs. She said Mr Newman could not be trusted pointing to promises of a 4% unemployment rate in comparison to the current rate about 6%.

The leaders then asked each other questions. Mr Newman asked Ms Palaszczuk how she would create jobs for Queensland - stating Labor plans would create 50,000 job losses.

Ms Palaszczuk asked Mr Newman how he could fulfil promises based on asset privatisation citing changing prices the government would get for privatisation. 


EARLIER: Queensland election: Newman v Palaszczuk in debate

QUEENSLAND'S leaders are going head to head for the final time ahead of tomorrow's election.

The Queensland Media Club's great debate involves an opening statement from Premier Campbell Newman and Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk.

They have outlined their visions for Queensland for a set time each.

Then six media gallery members will ask questions, alternating between leaders, as part of a moderated debate. To follow the questions and answers, check out the twitter feed below. 

The QMC events are usually filled with leaders from some of the state's leading businesses and universities.

Campbell Newman: Why Qld should stick with LNP

Annastacia Palaszczuk: Why Qld should vote Labor


Union leaders call for voters to put LNP last

UNIONISTS rallied in central Brisbane this morning calling on voters to "put the LNP last".

But the Queensland Council of Unions and Australian Council of Trade Unions representatives stopped short of telling people to vote for the Labor Party.

QCU president John Battams urged the strong turnout of union members to vote out the government and claimed credit for the Labor Party's revival.

"When Labor was reduced to the seven seats it was the union movement out of the blocks, first up, taking on the Campbell Newman government from day one," he said. 

Those gathered, many wearing union and Labor shirts, chanted to "put the LNP last" and "number every box".