Renee Wikman recieves treatment for her back from chiropractor Nick Daniels.
Renee Wikman recieves treatment for her back from chiropractor Nick Daniels. Sharyn O'Neill

Chiropractor's advice to put your back into good health

WHILE other mums headed to the playground with their young kids on Monday, Renee Wikman and her six-month-old son took a trip to the chiropractor.

Renee's son Braith has colic and has improved in leaps and bounds since getting chiropractic treatments.

Renee herself is one out of 10,000 Rockhampton residents who suffer from back pain every year.

Renee has been getting treatments for more than a year now and has never felt better.

"We've seen a big improvement with him - and my posture has even improved as well," Renee said.

The Chiropractors' Association of Australia is hoping more residents will take care of their posture in light of Spinal Health Week, which started Monday.

According to the association, one in 11 Rockhampton residents can be expected to have back problems this year.

And Rockhampton chiropractor Nick Daniels knows just how important it is to make sure your spine and posture are correct.

"Postural fitness means optimal spinal alignment. It gives you greater strength and endurance, better coordination and balance," Mr Daniels said.

The chiropractor of 13 years experience said making sure you had a healthy spine would help to reduce muscle fatigue and improve postural endurance.


Five Chiropractic Tips

  • Stand when you're on the phone for extended periods.
  • During meetings take regular stretch breaks.
  • Stretch and stand if you're working at a computer all day.
  • Check and adjust your position regularly.
  • Drink 1-2 litres of water a day (water hydrates spinal discs).